Reflections - Easter Sunday 2018







Acts 10: 34-43 1 Cor 5: 6-8 John 20: 1-9


I see before mind’s eyethe disciples grouped in a boat,

tossed about in the merciless storming sea of fear.

Salted seamen, yesbut who does not shudder in the face of death?

Then, as before, in the midst of the raging turmoil

Jesus, comes appearscomes walking on the sea of their lives.Calm descends and fear gives way to



No catastrophe or evil plot,no storm of death or pain can keep boundLOVE in whose presence

stones roll away

darkness melts into light.

From Jesus, risen Sun flows streams of glorious light

encircling the universe, infusing it with radiant beauty

touching aching hearts with peace,

despair with hope and meaning,

dying with vitality and newness of being.


RESURRECTION! A historic event only?

Indeed not.

Resurrection - miracle moments each time

revenge makes space for forgiveness, when hate bows out to love, when suspicion steps down for trust to make a stand and dismissiveness opens its heart of respect to accept the other, when            integrity walks through the veil of self-deception.

Resurrection happens each timethe light of transparency gives birth to honourable action,

each time I rise from rigidity to risk the untested,

each time power, pleasure and possession makes room for

obedience, sharing and humble service;

each time I swim through the flotsam of inertia to waters of creativity.

Resurrection happens each time stones entombing me, roll aside and each time I choose love over death.


Oh glorious Christ

life happens, freedom happens, glorious joy happens, 

in this wonderful event of your Resurrection.

Celebrating the Passover from death to life

we draw to ourselvesyour radiant light of transformation 

every day and every pregnant, ferment moment.


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