Lenten reflections 2018 - Holy Week - Saturday of Holy Week



Saturday of Holy Week 


Today is marked by a sense of ‘anti-climax’

a deathly quiet that follows

the painful drama of torture, betrayal, crucifixion and death.

Pathos carries in its wake a myriad of feelings

hearts torn by guilt, others drained by sorrow and confusion

and some staggering under the weight of a deep void and ask:’ What now?’

All our hopes and dreams, all the sacrifices made - dashed.


Yet, can we even begin to comprehend the deep mystery of today?

This space of silence - a gift to contemplate

the who of God and the who of me,

the what of the past few days.

God’s overwhelming love that stops at nothing

to draw all into deep communion

to blow into a raging fire

our little, wavering flames of intimacy.

This day we comprehend, that God all powerful - vulnerable

in the longing to draw us ever more deeply

into the fire of his Love.


Today the epitome of abandonment, understanding dawns -

God’s Word took on human flesh

that our hearts be penetrated with the insight -

We are ONE.

Not very wise of God.

Humanity imprisoned by the trappings of being ‘apart from’

reel under the demands of this truth.

Rather death than submit to change.



But love overcomes all.

God’s word leapt into the mystery of Sacred Unity.

‘I am with you always’



‘This is my body’ -

one with all -

all one in Christ in this bread,

in this little consecrated host;

This is my blood -

one with all suffering

and we one with Christ holding all suffering.

‘Do this in memory of me’



We are ONE - separation and illusion

a mindset that gives birth to violence, war and death.    

We are one with all that is

Be my Body, be my blood

poured out for humanity

poured out for all life.



Saturday silence

pregnant with fermentation

is waiting, waiting -

waiting to rise and explode into Life.



We are ONE

one in and with this transforming love

Oh, that we may see.



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