Lenten reflections 2018 - 03 - Saturday - Third week of Lent


Saturday - Third week of Lent
(Hosea 5: 15 - 6:6, Luke 18: 9-14)


‘Anyone who exults him/herself will be humbled, but they who humble themselves will be exalted’.


There is a story of a king who wanted to learn how to be humble like the Zen Master who oozed a radiance of goodness. He approached the Zen Master with his request. The Zen Master asked the king whether he understood what he asked for. 'All I know is that I want to experience the goodness I see reflected in you', said the King. 'Very well, you shall have your wish fulfilled'. He called on his highest ranking disciple to help the king reach humility. The king had to wash the floors of the monastery. Each day presented a challenge. He was pushed causing all the dirty water to splash across the clean floor. First he responded with great anger, but as the days passed he become more gentle. The other disciples pleaded with the Zen Master to accept him as a disciple, but the Zen Master said that the king was not ready. The head disciple enjoyed pushing the king around, yet, as time went by he could no longer raise any impatience from the king. The king kept before him the beauty of the peace he saw radiating from the master, little realizing that he was becoming what he focused on. At last the Zen Master accepted the king as a disciple and then to the horror of the rest of the group, he commanded that the head disciple now take the king's place to learn the lesson of humility.

One of the greatest challenges in life is to be humble, to acknowledge a wrong, a failure and accepting that I am limited. Embracing who I am, at the moment, frees me to become the person God destined me to be.


Breath Prayer:


I breathe in:      'In your goodness, oh God'


I breathe out:    'Transform my pride into love'




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