Lenten reflections 2018 - 02 - Friday - Second week of Lent



Friday - Second week of Lent
(Genesis 37: 3-4, 12-13, 17-28; Matthew 21: 33-43; 45-46)

 `Here comes the dreamer, here comes the heir. Come on let us

kill him'.


We hear of two stories with a similar plot - a beloved son and a threat to his life. What started the chain of these life threatening thoughts? Was it jealousy? After all Joseph, the son of Israel's old age, was the beloved one. Or was it a feeling of being excluded as Joseph's dreams puts his brothers in a position of having to bow to him? Maybe they were feeling a loss of power as the youngest son - rather than the oldestgets all the attention and love? What about the son sent to the vineyard? Why was he killed? Was it greed, a warped idea that if there is no son the inheritance will be given to the labourers? What makes us do the things that bring death into our relationships? What do we score when we gossip about another, plan the downfall of another, lose our temper, treat others with disrespect? Does belittling another, through whatever means, really give us more power, status, acceptance?


Yet, there is another angle to these stories. We know that down the line of history, Joseph's brothers will come, in need, to bow before him - a path that will lead to forgiveness, reconciliation and a reuniting of the family. Jesus like Joseph also had dreams - a kingdom where peace and justice is the norm of the day. Jesus is crucified, but what seems ultimate destruction becomes the channel of a new inheritance - a life where greed, power and pleasure gives way to relationships marked by service, equality, dignity and honour. And another thought. Could my suffering become a doorway to life, for myself and another?


Breath Prayer: Is there'murder'- jealousy, anger ....in my heart?

 I breathe in:      'Negative feelings within myself or society'

 I breathe out:    'Peace and love' (permeating negative feelings)



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