What, Lent again?



About these reflections:


The material has been compiled by Sylvia van Vuuren OP (Dominican Srs of King William’s town) member of the Promoting Group of movement for a better world and is the Catechetical coordinator in the Diocese of De Aar


`Lent - Dying into life' is designed to help us reflect on the awesome, unconditional love of God for us ....for all humanity. At the same time we are invited to recognize the presence of God within calling us to some quiet time to be in communion with Him. In that deep stillness we will touch into his deepest desire - that all be one as he is in God and God is in him.


An old man was asked why he was holding a bible every day when he could not read. He replied that he was waiting for the Word of God to be born in him. This is a capacity to sit in silence - waiting for the WORD to be born.


May we this Lent, drink deeply and with delight from the cup of God's love, joy, forgiveness and healing.




Breath Prayer is about entering into silence - a space we all hold deep within us. That space is the seat of God's presence. Mindful breathing not only centres us - it also allows us to connect with the creative world. Here is an example of how to go about coming to stillness in order to meet the God of love and non-judgment.


Preparing for breath prayer:


Sit/lie in a comfortable position. If sitting place your hands on your lap open and facing upward. Place your feet squarely on the floor and close your eyes. Listen to all the sounds around you - identify them …………Feel the chair you are sitting on…… Feel your back supported by the back of the chair ……. Become  aware of your breathing without changing the rhythm ……… Feel the air as cool as your breathe in and warm as your breathe out ………….. Do thisuntil you feel a sense of pervading peace. Don't force it, just let the breath flow gently and slowly through you, dissipating any anxiety, anger, jealousy, revenge -any negative feeling that you may be experiencing at the moment. 


Once quiet become aware of God's presence and touch into God's bounty that is present within you. Draw up from the core of your being - where the Divine resides - love, or joy, or peace, or healing with the inward breath - and as you breathe out let go of any of the negative feelings which may block you from experiencing joy and a deep sense of well-being.


We are the channels of God's love and when we pray, or breathe forth God's love, peace, joy or justice into the world, we replace the negativity we experience and hear so much about with the gifts of God himself.


This form of prayer can also be used to surround others with God’s 


loveand peace and goodness. Call to mind the person, event or situation you wish to pray for. With God breathe love, feel it, hold it, let it permeate your whole being, then breathe it forth to surround and permeate the person or event you called to mind. In the same way surround a sick or suffering person with healing, strength, endurance and peace. These gifts are present within us because we are the living tabernacles of God's presence

At the end of each reflection there will be a suggestion of the kind of breath prayer you may wish to practice. Feel free to breathe whatever prayer may be of help to you, your family, friends or work on that day.



The search for greater truth and a more intimate relationship with God is enhanced through reflecting on personal experience, prayer, together with reading and reflecting on insights shared and penned by many sages, too many to list here.


To God and to these sages I dedicate the pages of this booklet.


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