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Bibliodrama has nothing to do with drama on the stage, rather it focussed on the drama of Scripture reflecting and holding the drama of my daily life – an innovative way of strengthening and deepening my faith.

I cannot do justice, in this little write up, to capture what Bibliodrama is about. However I shall try to put the essence of this amazing tool in a nutshell.


Gingko leafThe main focus is to find unity between my lived experience, my life of faith and Scripture. Through the experience of Bibliodrama participants have a deepened experience of the Bible as being a book filled with stories of God’s love relationship with his people.  More and more we are realizing that the Bible is truly the Word of God to be honoured, read, and proclaimed. It is the story of our ancestors; a family album of the people of God.Scripture acts like a mirror which reflects the reality of our lives and of our faith.  The leaf of the Gingko tree explains this very well.  The two-sided leaf is, on the one side the lived experience of the person and on the other side his/her faith, kept alive by the sap that feeds it from the stem-attached to the branch, attached to the trunk of the tree.  This feeding comes from Scripture – the Word of God.  The Word of God meets the person in a holistic way - (physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially).


Professor Nicolaas Derksen, Rudi Pöhl and others have developed and put together, various elements - Bibliodrama play, Bibliolog, Sculpturing, mapping a text, liturgical dance and Liturgy, among many other elements to help participants to encounter the fire of God’s Word. Bibliodrama creates the image of ‘black fire’ and ‘white fire’.  The actual text is experienced at ‘black fire’ – God’s written word expressing his love relationship with His people.  When we truly enter this text through one of the Bibliodrama elements we experience both challenge and affirmation and at that moment encounter what is called ‘white fire’. Exposing ourselves to this fire,we experience transformation.


In Bibliodrama retreats facilitated thus far in the De Aar Diocese, Hartebeespoortdam, Johannesburg and East London, it is awesome to see - amidst resistance and tears - the healing, forgiveness and a new found joy and peace experienced as participants opened themselves to a deepened intimacy with God.


This two day/weekend encounter with Scripture is offered to catechists, sodalities, Confirmation groups or any group interested in experiencing Christ in Scripture in a meaningful and intimate way.


If you are interested in this experience, please contact Sr Sylvia van Vuuren OP–



17 06 01






Setting for a reflection during the Penitential Rite - I place my stones of hate, jealousy, sin on the cross and light a candle to take a message of forgiveness to the world








17 06 02






Bibliodrama with Colesburg -

Choose a picture that speaks of Hope






17 06 03





Group photo of the same group








17 06 04







Sculpturing - sisters in East London









Centre piece - Word of God (Purple cloth) - reading Scripture gives us light, (Yellow cloth and candle); Living in this light gives us life (Plant on green cloth) Living in this light and life brings transformation to the world.17 06 05

The text on the floor is called text mapping - the participants walk the text, choose a word or phrase, internalize it and afterwards affirms every participant with a text from the Psalm packed out on the floor)



17 06 0617 06 0717 06 08





Sculpturing:  Dramatizing an aspect of the reading.  Forming a scene - like taking a photograph






The people waling in a row - The Pilgrim dance - We are on a journey together, following the word of God, become flesh.






17 06 09







One of the groups - Graaff Reinet




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