Rosary reflections - GIFT TO GOD



What can we offer to God, the Creator of everything that exists, including ourselves? He has almost everything. Almost, because creating us in His own image and likeness He gave us a free will. And though it is given to us by Him, it is totally ours. 






Joyful Mysteries

(Monday and Saturday)


The Annunciation

God sends His messenger, an angel, to Mary, to humanity. Mary had many questions, and very few answers. However, she trusted God and offered herself to Him: “Let it be according to your word”. “Your will be done” – we pray, and then try to do our own will. Let us offer ourselves to God, He has a better plan than ours. Let our free will be a gift to God.


The Visitation

Mary goes to visit her relatives. It is not just a kind visit, to see how they are living. She goes with a certain help to offer. Sometimes, our presence is enough. To be with others, to be for them, means more than any physical help. Let our presence in the life of others be a gift to God.


The Nativity of Jesus

Mary gives birth to a child, to Jesus. It is a great mystery of human life. Another human being came to this world, and not just another, but Jesus, the Son of God. He wants to be born not only to Mary but to each one of us. He wants to become a part of our family, with our daily joys and sorrows and troubles. Let our family be a gift to God. Let it be a family of Jesus.


The Presentation of Jesus

Mary brings Jesus to the temple to offer Him to His heavenly Father. She offers to Go her treasure, her Son, the best she has got. Let us take her example and let us offer to God our children and ourselves. That’s the best what we can offer to God. Let us be a gift to God.


Finding Jesus in the Temple

Jesus got lost? He wanted to? He needed to be in those things and matters that concerned His Father. Though we are searching for so many different things, in the depths of our hearts we are searching for Christ, unconsciously. The true happiness begins with finding Jesus. Let our conscious searching for Jesus in all our matters be a gift to God.



Luminous Mysteries



The Baptism of Jesus

Our baptism is an act of adoption by God. We are His adopted children and by this we have privileges but, as well, we are obliged to live as His true children, as His Only-begotten Son Jesus Christ did. May our living according to our baptismal promises be a gift to God.


The First Miracle at Cana

Jesus’ time had not yet come, but requested by His mother He reveals Himself to His disciples, not to the others. Great work is done, but thanks go to the others. Such it is God’s working. May our recognitions of His presence and work in our life be a gift to God.


The Proclamation of the Kingdom

Go and proclaim. Whatever we do or say, we are writing a new chapter of the most readable Gospel – ourselves. May our thoughts, words, and actions write the most understandable Gospel and be a gift to God.


The Transfiguration at Tabor

The transfiguration is a presentation of what we are going to be. But only by everyday striving for better I will reach the top of my mountain of transfiguration. May our sincerity in the work of our conversion be a gift to God.


The Institution of the Eucharist

“I am with you always… this is my Body… this is my Blood” – says the Lord. And He stays with us, and so often alone, neglected by us, because we are “too tired” to go to the church, even on Sunday. Let our presence at the Eucharist be a gift to God.



Sorrowful Mysteries

(Tuesday and Friday)


The Agony in the Garden

Left alone in His suffering. A natural, human fear says: don’t do it, don’t take it, “Father, take from me this…”; the divine love for people says: “not my but your will be done”, let it happen according to Your word. May our acceptance of God’s will be a gift to God.


The Scourging at the Pillar

He is innocent, yet accepting the unjust punishment. Every part of His body is aching and bleeding. Each one of my sins adds more pain and more bleeding to Jesus. His scourging did not happen a long time ago, it is happening now. May our sinless life be a gift to God.


The Crowning with Thorns

Jesus’ head was crowned with thorns which pierced His skull. Our head is full of thoughts. Many of them are wrong and evil thoughts. They are like the thorns in Jesus’ head. May our pure thoughts be a consolation to Jesus and a gift to God.


The Carrying of the Cross

Jesus accepts the cross with love because it is an instrument of our salvation. Many of our duties and works are as heavy as the cross. Often it happens that we want to give up. May our faithfulness in carrying our “heavy load” be a gift to God.



The Crucifixion

Being nailed to the cross, Jesus is dying in disgrace. Many of passing by people shook their heads, turning off their eyes. Are we ashamed of the Cross? Do we show respect to the Cross? May our true love for the Cross be a gift to God.



Glorious Mysteries

(Wednesday and Sunday)


The Resurrection

To be resurrected means to be reborn, renewed. The Risen Christ has shown to us how it will be in the future life. Now and here, we shall show to Him that we are resurrected with Him. May our renewed life, as being reborn to the Christian life be a gift to God.


The Ascension into heaven

Before ascending to heaven, Jesus passes the task of the proclamation of the Good News to his disciples. Today, we are his disciples and the task and responsibility is ours. May our engagement into spreading the Good News be a gift to God.


The Descent of the Holy Spirit

The prayerful awaiting is the right attitude of Jesus’ disciples. Before going anywhere, before doing anything ask the Holy Spirit for the light and understanding and the strength to fulfil what you are called to do. May our attentiveness to the voice and inspirations of the Holy Spirit be a gift to God.


The Assumption of Mary

Blessed Mary taken with body and soul to heaven? Yes, because everything – and body and soul – come from and belong to God. May our physical and spiritual side totally belong to God and be a gift to Him.


The Coronation of Mary

Blessed Mary becomes the Queen of Heaven. This is a great news to us because we get a great support and help in Her. May our faithful response to Her calling and admonitions be a gift to God Himself.



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