Rosary reflections - Trust in God

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Joyful Mysteries

(Monday and Saturday)


The Annunciation

The Angel speaks to Mary. Is it an illusion, a dream? His words seem to be irrational. She – a human, a creature – supposed to be a mother of God, the Creator? It is impossible. For a human many things are impossible, not for God. For God everything is possible. Trust in God.


The Visitation

My relatives, my friends, or known to me people are in need of my help, but … There are thousands arguments for my “buts” – because of this and that… : “don’t do it”, “take care of yourself” – I hear in my head. “Shall I or shall I not?” Questions and doubts. Do it and trust in God.


The Nativity of Jesus

A child is born. The human offspring are the most helpless of all on earth. And this one supposed to be “the Son of God”? Oh, God. This child may be killed, may be hurt. Am I able to protected it? Yes, you are, with God’s grace and help, you are. Trust in God.


The Presentation of Jesus

Giving things, offering thing to God that’s one story. He may take them. But giving my child to God? What if He takes him/her too? Yes, He will do it. Then know this, what God takes is His, belong to Him, and what belongs to Him, He protects. Trust in God.


Finding Jesus in the Temple

Loosing something brings anxiety, fear, uncertainty. The more we value them, the more we are searching for them. At times, we are so paralyzed that even thinking is impossible. Go to your temple, the Holy place, the space of God. He knows everything, let Him speak to your heart. Trust in God.



Luminous Mysteries



The Baptism of Jesus

Through the water and words, by God’s grace, a human child becomes God’s child. All baptised are adopted by God to be His children. And to each one He says: “You are my beloved …”. Live and behave like “the beloved”, and trust in God.


The First Miracle at Cana

Things, like we – human – have their limitations. On one day they are ending. It seems that they are always not enough. At such a feast as a wedding anything that runs short may be equal to shame. Always remember to invite Jesus to any and every moment of your life. Trust in God.


The Proclamation of the Kingdom

How to proclaim something that we are expecting? The Kingdom of God is in our midst only it is invisible because of us. We are in need of conversion and we need to believe in the Gospel. Though we are not perfect, we make – through our life – this Kingdom visible. Trust in God.


The Transfiguration at Tabor

Life is very dynamic, always changing. There are happy and less happy days. Seeing God’s manifestation, His acting in our life, everything seems easy. At times, God hides Himself, yet still He is present and active. Let not be shaken and frightened, trust in God.


The Institution of the Eucharist

A piece of bread. I taste it, I see it. It is bread. My faith says: this is the Body of Christ, the Son of God. In this bread is My God. Jesus-human never lied, God never lies. Like all my body, my eyes too, have limitations. Try to see with your heart and trust in God.



Sorrowful Mysteries

(Tuesday and Friday)


The Agony in the Garden

Expecting what it may happen is harder and more difficult than the event itself. Expecting a punishment brings so real feeling of pain as the punishment itself. God never leaves us alone in such difficult moments. He is and suffers with us. Trust in God.


The Scourging at the Pillar

When our body is in pain we use pain-killers. At times, they are not helping at all, to a such extend of being unbearable. Do we, then, curse everything and everyone around, even God, for our pain? It will not go away anyhow. Try, just try to unite with Jesus at the pillar, and trust in God.


The Crowning with Thorns

A headache. Our body gives us a sign through it that there is something wrong with us. We do not check what it is, just we take a pill and go on. How about our thoughts? Are the alright? Are they good and holy? Every little thorn in Jesus’ head is our wrong thought. Change your thoughts and you will change your life. Trust in God.


The Carrying of the Cross

Difficulties, setbacks, failures are part of our lives. There are times that we give up. “It is not worthy”, “do not waste your time” – often we hear. Jesus did not give up even falling under the cross. To carry it to the end means salvation. Let us do the same and trust in God.


The Crucifixion

Jesus is dying in pain on the cross. No word of complain, no word of revenge, just a prayer. Although forsaken, He pleads for those who has done wrong: “Father, they do not know what they are doing”. Do we know? Let us do our best and trust in God.



Glorious Mysteries

(Wednesday and Sunday)


The Resurrection

The death will be the last to be conquered. Jesus’ resurrection is the final victory over death and evil. Living united with Him, through the Body and Blood of Christ, we participate already in His resurrection. All that is needed for our final victory is to live with Jesus now and trust in God.


The Ascension into heaven

Jesus ascends to heaven for couple of reasons: to intercede for us and to prepare a place for us. He, the Son of God and a Son of Man as well, is our intercessor and protector. Though He ascended to heaven, He left us His Body – the Eucharist – the Bread of Heaven – to strengthen us. Take and eat IT and trust in God.


The Descent of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is a promise of Jesus. Not seeing Him we see the effects of His working. He reminds and explains to us everything that Jesus taught us. It is enough to keep our heart and minds opened to His inspirations and we will manage all our difficulties. Just, trust in God.


The Assumption of Mary

Although she was taken up to heaven with her body, Mary had to die, here on earth. The Mother, mother of the Son of God, couldn’t stay on earth if Her Son is in Heaven. She also is our mother, and therefore, we too, will go there where she is now. Trust in God.


The Coronation of Mary

Her coronation is our future glory. Whoever live as She lived here on earth, will receive this kind of heavenly glory as she received. Let us imitate Her life and trust in God.

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