33rd Sunday OT – 2017


“Well done, my good and faithful servant”


Most of us would think that this sentence was taken from a working place, where a competition: “the best worker of the month” was announced. No, it is taken from the Gospel. Is the Gospel a competition place? No, not a competition place but a place for the good and faithful ones.

God has called us to life for a reason. We call this “a vocation”. Each one has got a vocation. To what are we called – what our vocation is – each one needs to discover. There are different ways to realize our vocation. To help us to do so, each one has got equipped with some gifts and talents. Some can sign well, other draw or paint nice pictures, still others do something else. We all need to find out what are we good at/with.

There is no one who has not got a gift for something. What is your gift? What are you good at/with?

The Gospel’s story of today isn’t about a competition but about being good at what we are called to do. Whatever it may be, we need to make it in a good way, at our best. The gifts are given to us but not only for us. These gifts shall be of service to others and bring glory to the Giver – meaning to God.

Each one of our gifts or talents needs to be discovered and developed. None of them is in the final (finished) form. Though it is given by God, it is up to each one of us to develop it or not. And this task isn’t a privilege of some (only) smart people but a duty of each one. Who doesn’t make an effort to discover and develop his/her gifts makes not only him/herself poorer but the whole community and humanity.

Therefore, let us not waste any time but search your heart for the gifts received and make use of them for the benefit of ourselves and the glory of God.

Fr. Kgotsofalang SCJ


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