32nd Sunday OT – 2017


“Behold, the bridegroom! Come out to meet him!”


Awaiting someone to arrive it is not easy. Having nothing more to do only waiting becomes very boring. If it lasts longer we may – as the ten virgins – fall asleep. Those who are wise and prudent would prepare everything needed beforehand. They do not wait till the last moment. Those lazy and foolish ones would only enjoy the free time.

At times, we find ourselves in both groups: those that are foolish and those that are wise. And such people we meet in our lives too. Some are doing everything what possible is to provide for their lives and their families. Others are trying to live as they wish without any work, hoping to get something for nothing. They think – supporting their idea with the Gospel text, that the kingdom of heaven belongs to the poor – that they shall get everything without any effort.

The Gospel tells the truth: the “kingdom of heaven belongs to the poor”. Yes, to the poor and not to the lazy ones. It is a great difference between those who look for the job to support their families and those who do not even try, but wait for some hand-outs. It is important to help others who are in need. But helping the lazy we ensure them in their lazy thinking and behaving.

Sharing with others (the needy ones) what we have it is to live according to Gospel’s teaching, but we shall be prudent in this supporting and sharing. To “stay awake” means to be conscious of our duties and tasks fulfilling them at our best. It means calculating well so that everything will be prepared, ready and be enough till the end, till the arrival of the bridegroom.

We do not know “neither the day nor the hour” of our Lord’s coming but being foolish and lazy will not help us to welcome him.

Be prudent and wise and get ready! The Lord is coming!

Fr. Kgotsofalang SCJ


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